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"From a platform of sport, nutrition and exercise, Muscle Sprouts teaches kids to work together, solve problems and support one another - I couldn't ask for more in a school holiday program." Simon, Dad to Alexander, aged 10.

"Muscle Sprouts offer progressive, skill appropriate programs and acceleration options - every participant is included, challenged and works to their best." Alex Jackson, Program Director, Muscle Sprouts. 

"Muscle Sprouts incorporate elite sports skills and knowledge with classroom based structure." Ed Brenac, Program Director, Muscle Sprouts.

Designed by degree qualified and NSW Department of Education and Training certified teachers, the Muscle Sprouts program equips kids to be the best they can be. Contact us today!

"...So much more than just kicking a ball - Muscle Sprouts embeds the right attitude, commands full participation and fosters life-long skills - both on and off the sporting field."
Mum of Xavier, age 8

How much is enough? Tough questions (and answers) about exercise.

Posted 2012-08-20 00:00:00 UTC by Muscle Sprouts Team

You're a parent or carer and want to do your best to ensure your children are healthy. So you worry about physical activity.  How much exercise is enough? Will being active protect them against diabetes, cancer or heart disease later in life? Will it prevent them from getting fat? Another issue is academics. Do physically active and physically fit children do better in school? Do they have qualities, like an improved ability to pay attention, that might predict better academic performance?

 There are many studies, reports, papers and advertisements around that purport to have the answers to all these questions and more. The fact is, exercise produces stronger muscles, greater endurance, and bones that are denser and have greater mineral content. So what are you waiting for? Enrol your child in a Muscle Sprouts program today.

MUSCLE SPROUTS TIP # Where possible, let the child choose which excercise or sport she or he wants to do. Why? Because the single best activity you can do - is the one that you will do!