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"From a platform of sport, nutrition and exercise, Muscle Sprouts teaches kids to work together, solve problems and support one another - I couldn't ask for more in a school holiday program." Simon, Dad to Alexander, aged 10.

"Muscle Sprouts offer progressive, skill appropriate programs and acceleration options - every participant is included, challenged and works to their best." Alex Jackson, Program Director, Muscle Sprouts. 

"Muscle Sprouts incorporate elite sports skills and knowledge with classroom based structure." Ed Brenac, Program Director, Muscle Sprouts.

Designed by degree qualified and NSW Department of Education and Training certified teachers, the Muscle Sprouts program equips kids to be the best they can be. Contact us today!

"...So much more than just kicking a ball - Muscle Sprouts embeds the right attitude, commands full participation and fosters life-long skills - both on and off the sporting field."
Mum of Xavier, age 8

Kids do sport and run around at school. Isn't that enough?

A study published by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation stated that children require more than 90 minutes of exercise per day to stay healthy.

With the average NSW School assigning just 90 minutes per week to sports and physical education lessons – most kids are not getting enough. Vigorous activity is required to stay healthy and kids need to be educated on smart exercise and food choices.

Consider enrolling your child in a Muscle Sprouts after school clinic or school holiday sports program today.

Are sports programs more important than music, art or other activities?

Research shows that active children do better in school, are better able to concentrate, and exhibit fewer behavioural or social problems. While music, art and other non-physical activities are important, they are usually solo activities that require little or no teamwork and limited physical exertion. These things should be done in conjunction with scheduled exercise– not in place of it.

Sports are known to foster collaboration and teamwork. Do they offer any other benefits?

A recent study found that moderate exercise undertaken during school hours was not enough to influence a child's grades. However, the study went on to demonstrate that children involved in vigorous exercise outside of school hours performed better academically.

Why participate in a team sport program?

Team sport programs teach kids more than fitness—they improve motor skills, increase self-esteem, and foster cooperation and teamwork. Better still, the Muscle Sprouts program teaches the skills and attitude required to succeed in a multitude of sports. Lastly, physical exertion increases serotonin – a chemical in the brain that makes people happy. What better way to end a school day?

Would Muscle Sprouts be suitable for a corporate event or function?

Absolutely! Studies show that entertaining clients improves sales and providing corporate parties for employees improves morale, teambuilding, and productivity.

So what are you waiting for? What better way to amuse clients, demonstrate collaboration and foster team building than through challenges that involves speeding basketballs, flying discs and dodging cones!

To discuss your event in more detail, contact us today.